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Saturday, June 22, 2013

From THE VIRTUAL SAINT, my work in progress

"The Invisibility Cloak"

Gunney spoke to me. “You wanna’ sit in the turret, kid?”
“Do I ever…” I breathed.
The two men helped me climb up on the small padded seat in the center of the vehicle. I glanced back at them.
Gunney said, “Don’t worry, it’s safe – you can’t blow anything up right now.”
I grabbed the two handles and pressed my eyes to the periscope. This is way better than my game visor, I thought. This is real.
I slewed the turret around and scanned the campsite, zooming in on one cluster of boys who were obviously playing “war”. I centered the crosshairs on the largest kid in the group and shouted,
“Pew, pew! Ka-pwing! You’re dead, Mikey!”
Suddenly I overheard a voice on the intercom. “Captain, we got a flying bogie, incoming. You might wanna take a look.”
Captain Griswold suddenly appeared at the back of the Stryker. Striding briskly up the ramp, he said,
“I’ll take over from here, kid.” The big rear hatch swung up and clanged shut. The interior of the Stryker was bathed in a soft red light. I quickly climbed down from the turret, using my crutches, and the Captain took my place. I watched him power up the laser and scan the various displays.
“Yep – looks like a flying drone, beating the bushes for us. Easy meat. Invisibility cloak – on.”
He pressed a button. I looked around the interior of the Stryker. It still looked perfectly visible to me. But glancing at the exterior display screen, I noticed that the other Stryker had vanished.
The Captain slewed the turret around and pressed his eyes to the periscope, mumbling, “We don’t wanna’ blow it outta’ the sky, or they’ll know where we are – just cook its optics so it can’t see anymore.”
I watched him study the target for a time. Then he pressed the trigger button on the periscope, and I heard a faint click.
The Captain dismounted. “Done – that drone is blind as a bat, now. If it ever makes it back to base, they’ll have no clue what happened to it. Cloak is off. Carry on, men.”
Sergeant Patten spoke. “You want a lift back to camp, Robert?”
“Nah… I think I can make it on my own. Thanks, guys!”
When I got back to camp, I saw Mikey and his gang still running around, shooting at each other with their fingers. Mikey paused.
“Hey, Hopalong! You wanna play war with us?”
I smiled. “Nah… I already did.”

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to the planet Edom, where in each historic Eon, a Seer is called of God to gather the Believers and instruct them in God's ways. Edom will ultimately have seven Eons, and seven Seers.

The Clan of the Stone
Benjamin ben Jacob is a thirteen year-old boy living at Fort Kanosh, in the land of Deshret on the planet Edom. At the age of thirteen, Ben becomes a Kohan and receives his own personal name-stone. Then he meets a very strange Outsider girl, and together they embark on an adventure that prepares the way for God's Visitation to Edom, at the dawn of the Seventh Eon.
The Defender of God
At the dawn of the Fifth Eon, the Seer Abdiel adopts a young hunter-gatherer named Brynmor, who is the Chieftain of the White Eagle Clan. He educates Brynmor in the duties of a Seer. Brynmor leads his people across the Olami Mountains to Ganedom, where they face a dual threat from the invading Nordsmen and the space-faring Mangalans.
The Empress of Edom
Nordish Princess Gudrid is betrothed to the Emperor of Menggu, but her life changes forever when she meets a Disciple of the Believers named Islwyn. Together they voyage to the continent of Shir, where Islwyn leaves Gudrid to find the legendary man named Purohita Jaina. Soon the two continents on Edom will be locked in a war for the survival of their cultures: Guren, Nordish, or Yngling.
By Ailad's Bootstraps
Young Ailad is visited by a Messenger, who takes him to heaven and then deposits him in a very different, unfamiliar world. There, Ailad struggles to rediscover himself and learn of his destiny on the planet Edom.